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Radiation protection, re-visited April 19, 2012

It’s been just over a year since the Nuclear meltdown in Japan.  We had a lot of concerns about radiation for a month or two, and then things sort of simmered down.

However, I recently had a patient ask me what she could do to protect her young children from the effects of increased radiation in our atmosphere.  There’s a lot out there on the web.  Weeding through all of it to determine an effective set of guidelines for families with little ones (or pregnant ones!) has been my pet project for the past few weeks.

Without further ado, I present “Dr. Roe’s Radiation Protection Plan”

1. An apple a day.  Pectins (found in apples) are probably the most well-studied food source for radiation protection, even after exposure has occurred.  People in the Chernobyl radiation zone have been advised for years and years now to consume apples on a regular basis to help the body absorb and eliminate excess radiation.

2. Eat iodine-containing foods, and keep a source of iodine on hand for your family in the medicine cabinet.  There is no need to supplement Iodine on a regular basis, and this can, in fact, put people over the age of 40 at risk for thyroid cancer.

3. Add Spirulina to Smoothies or, even better, applesauce a few times per week.  Spirulina also shows the ability to bind radioactive isotopes so that the body can more readily eliminate them.

4. Find a reputable source for Kombucha tea, and drink it 3-6 times per week (8oz serving).  Besides, the hot-link there, I was able to easily find lots of evidence to show the anti-oxidant, free radical scavenging, radiation-busting effects of this ancient beverage.

5. Most of all, be healthy.  Eat whole foods.  Drink water.  Take a daily multivitamin (a good one!!!!)  Avoid sugar and processed foods to keep all of your organ systems intact and functioning properly.  Your body’s ability to combat radiation exposure is only as strong as it is healthy.

So there you have it, the naturopathic doctor-approved, weeded-out version of Radiation Protection, 101.


Pap happy. April 16, 2012

Guess what?  The guidelines have changed for Pap smears!  I know that coming in for your annual exam is about as fun as going to the dentist for a filling, but I am proud when you ladies come in and take care of business.  I like checking in with you each year.  However, the guidelines have changed, and it means we won’t be seeing eachother quite as often.

To summarize:
Under Age 21: no pap smear, no HPV testing
Age 21-29 Pap every 3 years
Age 30-65 Pap + HPV every 5 years

Here’s a nice article written by a colleague, Aviva Jill Romm, MD.  This is a great summarization of the new guidelines.

If you want more info from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, click here.


On being human. February 29, 2012

This is an absolutely fabulous article written by a mama on self-forgiveness and being human.  I love it.  I think if we keep in mind what it means to be human, to replenish our stores of grace, and to forgive ourselves when we feel we haven’t been our best selves or parents….we can have healthier happier dynamics at home and in the world.

Give it a read!


Gear up for flu season February 15, 2012

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Well, the flu is back, and it might be H1N1, it might be H2N3.  Either way, it’s landed and it’s yucky.  A few years back when H1N1 hit, we had very few cases in our clinic using a protocol of Elderberry extract, Probiotics, good hygiene, and dietary modification.

  • Elderberry was proven to bind to and prevent H1N1 infections in vitro, according to a 2009 study published on NCBI/PubMed.
  • Probiotics enhance the gut-associated lymphatic tissue, thereby increase immune function.
  • Good hygiene goes without saying, but seriously: WASH YOUR HANDS and DON’T SKIMP ON SLEEP!
  • Keep your sugar consumption very low, and avoid known food sensitivities.

With these in mind, stay healthy…and come see me if you’re not!



Green Sprouts and New Baby! September 24, 2011

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Green Sprouts Organic Baby and Family Fest Presented by the ReDirect GuideYay!  Tomorrow is the Green Sprouts fest!!  Please go check it out.  Dr. Jenny will be there at our table while I have a snuggle at home with our new baby boy.  He’s just over a week old, so we won’t be attending this year.  We are doing great!  We had an amazing waterbirth at home.  Our family feels truly blessed.


Maternity leave for the midwife! August 27, 2011

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  Hi everyone!  Most of you know that we’re expecting our second baby in September, but I wanted to get the word out at any rate.  Next week is my last week at the office before I go into major mama mode and bring our new little one into the world.  I will be out of the office from 9/5/11-10/11/11.  When I come back, I will be in the office on a very part-time basis for the month of October.  I will add more hours in November and December, and will be back to my full schedule in January.

While I’m out, Dr. Jenny Maurer (at our clinic) will be covering my practice.  She will be available to see you at the clinic for any of the concerns you would normally see me for.  If you have well-baby, well-child, or adult wellness checkups that are due, she is happy to do those too.  I will be in the office this Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday wrapping things up, so please give a ring if you have any questions!

We don’t know if our baby is a boy or a girl (YET), but I will post here when the baby is safely born.  See you all this coming fall!!!


Ch-ch-ch-changes July 3, 2011

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I am a firm believer that changes must be realistic and changes take practice.  Check out this video from TED TV, and see if it motivates you to do something you’ve wanted to do for your health.